Same Day Dental Implants

immediate dental implantsSame day dental implants possess unique features that allow the dentist to create a stabilized restoration and immediately attaches to the bone.   It is placed directly into the socket and eliminates any need for uncomfortable surgery or bone grafting.

A temporary tooth will be placed over the implant during the healing period.  This prevents any gaps from appearing and is provided directly from the doctor.  Dental implants result in minor discomfort, but post-operative prescription medications can be provided to manage alleviate them.  Most patients can resume their daily oral activities one day following the treatment.

Traditional dental implants require multiple visits and can take several months to complete.  Sometimes, bone grafting may be necessary to secure the implant.   The entire process can take up to a year and follow-up procedures may be required to ensure the implant secures to the jaw bone.  Same day dental implants provide a stable result in a much shorter timeframe.

The first step to receiving a same-day dental implant is to schedule a consultation.  The doctor will evaluate the patient and determine their candidacy for same-day dental implants.  Additional x-rays and dental impressions will be made to ensure the implants are provided in the correct manner.  To schedule your consultation, please call our office today.