Northridge Dental Implants

northridge dental implantsMissing teeth can cause long-term problems and requires a full cosmetic and functional restoration.  At the Emergency Dentist Northridge, we utilize safe and effective treatments to restore missing teeth – this includes dental implants.

Dental implants are effective for a number of reasons, including replacing missing teeth or strengthening bridge restorations.  Dr. Razi is a highly regarded specialist in dental implants in the Northridge area, he has worked with hundreds of patients in restructuring and rebuilding natural successful smiles.  Missing teeth can be fully resolved with dental implant treatments provided by the most qualified and experienced professionals.

A consultation will be performed to examine your dental health history and current condition.  This is to provide a treatment that accommodates the unique features of your teeth.  Although anesthesia is an option for patients, the treatment will produce little discomfort and pain.

The implant is inserted into the gums and integrates itself onto the bone.  This process is known as ‘osseointegration.  It can take up to six months for the implant to fully integrate onto the surrounding tissue.

In the final visit, the aesthetic restoration will be provided in the form of a porcelain crown.  They are attached onto the dental implant abutment – they are shaped and polished to replicate the appearance of your natural teeth.  During the maintenance period, you can schedule additional visits to our office to ensure your dental implants remain effective.