Concentrated Growth Factors

Concentrated Growth FactorsPRP therapy is seen in dental treatments for boosting the healing process for dental implants.  They utilize the body’s healing abilities to accelerate the growth of bone and soft tissue.  Dental implant procedures are more expedited and time-efficient, reducing the time between dental implant placement and affixing of the crown.

In PRP-supported dental implant treatments, the doctor utilizes the patient’s blood to improve the healing rate of the bone and soft tissue.  The blood is centrifuged and the platelet growth factors are separated from the red blood cells.  Since the blood is the patient’s, there is no risk of infection or allergic reaction.

PRP is mixed into a gel during dental surgery and applied to areas of treatment and tooth sockets.  The bones are more efficient in integrating with the implants.  The grafts also become bonded faster with the support of the growth factors in PRP.  Patients can experience a more natural and effective result with PRP-supported dental implant treatments.

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