Multiple Teeth Replacement

Multiple Teeth ReplacementThe most effective and economical options for treating multiple missing teeth are implant-supported bridges.  These bridges are composed of dental implants that have crowns anchoring them and support porcelain cosmetic restorations.  Two dental implants and a cosmetic restoration can replace three missing teeth.  The bridges are permanently affixed in your mouth.

An additional treatment for multiple missing teeth are implant-supported partial dentures.   These are more effective than conventional partial dentures.  A few dental implants are strategically placed in precise locations.  A greater number of dental implants used improves the strength and stability of the dentures.

Partial dentures were traditionally used to restore several missing teeth.  Without dental implants to secure them however, they may fall out or have visible wires.  Chewing can be more difficult with partial dentures getting in the way.

Strong implant-supported dentures virtually reduce the need for clasps.  Metal parts on the dentures also won’t be seen.  Dental implants provide secondary benefits such as preventing bone loss.  Dr. Razi can evaluate your condition and determine which procedure works for your case.  Our dental implant specialties are here for you to take advantage of.  Call our Northridge dental implants office today to schedule your consultation!